Magic Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Blender Review

Ok boys and girls, strap in for the comprehensive reivew of the “As seen on TV” 22 piece Magic Bullet blender/juicer etc set!

I purchased this a while ago actually. I found some use for it blending smoothies but then I forgot about it and it ended up buried at the back of my cupboard.

Then, I recently got a subscription to the Mindful Chef healthy frozen smoothies (UK only I’m afraid!) and so I whipped out the magic bullet to blitz my way to a healthier life.


-Really effective and really fast at blending smoothies!

-Comes with a ton of accessories including a proper juice extractor and a full size blender attachment along with 4 cups with differet colored lids so your guests don’t mix up their drinks


-Really, really LOUD!

-Does not do well with pesto or hummous in my experience.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way onto the nitty gritty.

What is a Magic Bullet Blender?

Well, it’s essentially a small blender with a minimal footprint that you can use to blend just about anything. It has a very powerful motor and is great for dips, cocktails, blended desserts, pasta sauces and more. The model I have even comes with a juicer and a full size blender attachment.

It is super easy to clean – much easier than your traditional blender and it takes up a lot less space on the counter as well. I’ve found it very useful for quick blending jobs that I don’t want to use the food processor for and I think it could fully replace a traditional blender in your kitchen.

How to Use the Magic Bullet Blender?

This one is super simple. To use the blender first plug it in, then fill the cup of your choice with the items you want to blend, then screw on the blending disc (the thing with the sharp blades on it), flip it upside down and put it on top of the motorized base, apply gentle pressure and turn slightly to lock it in.

You’ll know you’ve done it right because as soon as you lock it in it will very loudly fire to life and blend the ever loving s**t out of anything you put in the cup. It really is quite powerful. To make it stop either switch the electricity off at the wall or apply gentle pressure again to the cup and twist slightly to lift it off the base – the machine will immediately stop. That’s pretty much it!

If you only want to blend for a very short time you don’t even need to lock it in, you can just gently press it down into the base and it will start right up, then release the pressure and it will stop.

Now I saw that there are a lot of specific questions people have about this machine so I’ll try to answer a few of them here:

Can the Magic Bullet Blend Frozen Fruit?

You bet it can! In fact it excels at blending frozen fruit and I should know as that’s all I’ve been doing with it this past week. Just put the fruit in, add the liquid of your choice and blend for approximately 1 min and you’ll have a lovely frozen smoothie. I do recommend blending for the full minute because I was impatient (and tired of covering my ears) and did it for less at the beginning and I had a few ‘chunks’ in the smoothie, so 1 minute of blending is necessary to get the right consistancy.

Can The Magic Bullet Blend Ice?

Again, the answer here is YES it can blend ice!

Can you blend hot liquids in the Magic Bullet?

Well, there is nothing stoping you, that’s for sure. This thing will blend almost anything you put in it although it did fall down when I tried to make pesto and hummous in it. For some reason it only likes fairly ‘solid’ things. With pesto and hummous you have some fairly dry and lightweight ingredients and I found that I had to pick the thing up and shake it around manually to get it to even touch the stuff at the top. So for those two things I cannot recommend the Magic bullet and would definately go with a food processor instead.

Another thing it won’t do it turn cold ingrediants hot. In some of the high end food processors they’re so powerful that using friction they can literally make a hot soup from cold ingredients – this is not something the Magic Bullet will do. If you have an already warm soup that you want to blend to a fine consistency, sure, go for it but if you’re looking for something to make the heat for you this is not the machine you’re looking for.

In conclusion, this is a great little countertop blender with plenty of power. It has a very small compact footprint so is perfect for smaller kitchens and with the full sized blender attachement this is the only blender you’ll need.

Just watch out for the noise, it is not quiet!

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