Delonghi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine in white

DeLonghi Nescafe Dolce Gusto Pod Coffee Machine Review

Delonghi Dolce Gusto Coffee Machine in white

I received this lovely pod based coffee maker for Christmas the other year after gushing about how good it was when I tried a cup of coffe a friend of mine made me at her place with this machine.

First off, it’s a pod machine and as such you’ll have to buy the right pods to go with it. The good news is they come in a huge range of flavors and strengths so you’re sure to find one you love.

Stylistcally it looks great in the kitchen and has a very sleek, eye grabbing design. The water container in the back holds plenty of water for many cups of coffee – I think I refill it about once per week to be completely honest. Keep in mind I generally only have one cup of coffee in the morning – personal use will vary!

It can make all sorts of coffee from flat white, americano, espresso, all the way to a cappuccino. There are even tea pods for it and it does both hot and cold drinks which is fab.

The cons:

No automatic filling, slightly loud.

What this means is that once you flip the switch at the top to either hot or cold, the drink will keep pouring out, and it won’t stop. My poor husband tried to do me a favor and bring me a cup of coffee one day…expecting it to stop once it had reached the appropriate fill level. That DID. NOT. HAPPEN.

In fact, he walked away from the coffee maker while it was doing its thing and returned a few minutes later to a completely flooded kitchen counter top. I think I was mopping up sticky stains for a few days afterwards.

It’s not very noisy, and it does make a very quick cup but if you have a sleeping baby nearby I would wait on using it. Not very loud, but not very quiet either. I’m happy with it but if I had other people sleeping within earshot I’d probably look for a quieter model.

In conclusion, its a great, reasonably priced pod coffee machine that makes great coffee. Just never leave it unattended!!

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